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We see you, your teams and your needs authentically. We’ve built a support organization centred on the practice of dentistry, for the greater good of our providers, patients and our people. Meaningful support exists here at Archway. Build the future of dentistry alongside us, your way.

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We give everyone under the Archway banner greater agency to be the doctor, colleague and protector of health that they can be.

The best support exists here to get things straight, all with the higher purpose of delivering complete oral health and wellbeing for your patients.

Growth and innovation progressing the future of dentistry
We pride ourselves in being pioneers in the latest clinical technologies that are advancing the field of dentistry.
The best support exists here to get things straight.
From our doctors and their teams to our Business Office dedicated to our People & Culture, we see you for the professional you want to be. It’s our singular focus, and we do it to help you practice at your best.
Total respect and admiration for the individuals of each practice.
We invite you to practice your way, assured that our support system handles everything that sits under your dental office. Expect shared resources, innovations and the benefit of collective advantages. Our many parts make for a more successful whole.

Practices supported by Archway

We’re proud to support the leading lights in dentistry that we welcome, support and develop, including those we’ve admired from afar that now form part of our stronger whole, joining their practice in partnership with us.

Dr. Sean Lee
Dr. Sean Lee
General Dentist,
Shelton, CT
Dr. Sean Lee
General Dentist
Shelton, CT

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